Most people are dissatisfied with their jobs. People tend to stay in jobs they hate.

Here are a few signs you need to move on.

1. If you don’t want your boss’ job chances are there are there are people in your peers that are willing to over take you.


2. If you’ve told yourself multiple times that you should quit but never had a chance to, that’s another sign that you should listen to.


3. If you’ve tried your best to perform and got a feedback that you’re under performing. You’ve done everything in your power to increase your performance but it never had happened. That’s another sign that its time to move on.


4. Emotional and relationship factors.  What is your relationship like at work?  Do you agree with the company’s values?


5. Do you think you are still learning in your job or keeping a routine? If you stop learning then your job becomes boring and unhealthy.  It looks like you’re on a dead end.


For most of us, we can’t quit our jobs for various reasons: we need money to support our family, there are no other options.

Some of us might even think of school as a landing zone. A landing zone is not well thought out as could be. School is interesting for a lot of people but we need to understand why you’re there before you drop 500,000 – 600,000 Php on your education.

In these days, the paradigm staying in one company and climbing the corporate ladder for 20 years doesn’t exist anymore.

Passion is not the whole equation. You have to combine your passion which is what you truly love with what opportunities are there in the market and what skills you have to offer the marketplace.


With all these guides laid down for you,  decision is still entirely up to you.  Every situation is different so you have to use your best judgement.