For those who are celebrating valentines day or “singles  awareness day” here are few do’s and don’t to celebrate.


  1. Don’t look for a boyfriend to fill the void.  You were single and doing fine before today.  You’ll survive valentines and all the days after with out one.
  2. Don’t complain over social media about being single.  You may sound desperate and can be a total turn off on prince charming who’s just around facebook or twitter.
  3. Eat your heart out.  Having some good food is okay but don’t overdo it.  You might regret gaining too much weight after.
  4. Don’t make this day a “I hate my ex-boyfriend day”.  Don’t post any negative stuff about him.  It will make your valentines day all about him and not about you.
  5. Don’t post on social media or call your ex telling him “you’re over him” “glad to be single” “single and happy”.  It’s a subtle way of telling everyone you aren’t.single on valentines day


  1.  Buy something special for yourself.  Something expensive and something you’ve been eyeing for a while.   Something that no boyfriend can ever think of buying their girlfriend.
  2. Eat chocolates all by yourself.  Good thing about being single, you’ve got all chocolates for yourself.
  3. If you get sad, search the net about the worst break ups and be thankful you aren’t them.
  4. Show your love to your family and friends.  Call your parents or your friends and remind them you care.
  5. Party with your best single girls.
  6. Don’t think that this day is all about couples.  Not all couples can spend valentines together and some don’t even give a sh*t.

single on valentines