I’m absolutely obsessed with mascara! It was the first beauty product I ever bought, and I now own over a dozen tubes that I use in frequent rotation. However, I’ve been cursed with a particularly short set of lashes—the kind that are virtually invisible without mascara and that don’t look much lusher with the product on.

As soon as I got the package from Nutraluxe Lash MD, which promises thicker, longer eyelashes with daily use, I knew I had to try it.

The serum comes in a small tube, filled with clear product. I know what you’re thinking – it looks like a tiny amount. But looks can be deceiving.  I  doubted that that the tube would last for 10 weeks, but as of the end of August, I still had at least 1/4 of the product left in the vial. The consistency is like clear mascara, and you can easily swipe some of the product on and get off to work or whatever.  It’s very light and invisible.

nutraluxe lash md

How To Use:

  • Using the applicator, swipe the product on the upper lash line from outside the eye going in (just like an
    eyeliner), once a day.

nutraluxe lash md


  • Do not double dip the brush in the tube as you will have enough product for both
  • Do not apply the product on the lower lash line since the product will naturally touch your lower
    lashes when you blink.


Honestly, I had no expectations with this product and fully intended to throw it out after five or six weeks; I just did not think it would work.

I was wrong

Although nothing happened in the first two weeks, but after 3-4 weeks, I started noticing baby lashes growing at the base.  By weeks five and six, my lashes were still below-average in length, but had grown by at least 25%- I could feel the difference and even my friends noticed they were longer!

If you have short eyelashes, you need to purchase Nutraluxe Lash MD asap!

I’d easily rate this product a 9/10, as it gave me results beyond my expectations.  Okay, it’s no Latisse, but my lashes are much longer and bolder now — double-win for me!

Where to Buy

Email: NutraluxeManila@gmail.com
Smart: +63998-5359697
Globe: +63917-7110420
Facebook:  fb/NutraluxeManila
Instagram:  ig/nutraluxe