Have you experienced a creepy night drive?

All alone driving in a long dark road.  Where your mind was constantly playing tricks on you.  You keep checking the mirror, praying that an unwanted passenger wearing white doesn’t just suddenly appear in the back seat.  Then you reach home, get a good night sleep and wake up the next day realizing how crazy you were.  Knowing you were just scaring yourself to death the whole time.  I’ve been there, done that too many times.  But, gone were those college days.  Later, I got used to night drives since I’ve started working  in a call center for 2 years right after college.  So, night drive is just normal and  nothing ever appeared in the backseat.


Do I believe in Ghosts?

I lived alone in a “haunted” apartment where all my flatmates got possessed. Guards and some other people had to take them to church to be exorcised. I came home after work one day  and the whole building was empty.  I talked to the guards and asked why they all left.  The guards told me everything.  One of my flatmates came back for her stuff, but was in a hurry and warned me to leave.   I didn’t move coz it was kinda hard to get a good space with the rate I was willing to pay.  Staying in the 3rd floor of a “haunted” building alone for 3 months after my flatmates left, and never ever seen, heard, or felt anything unusual.  I was very much convinced there’s no such thing as ghosts.



Back in my hometown….

I went back to my hometown and lived with my mom and my sister who come back and forth from Manila almost every week. It had been about a year of being their designated  driver,  taking them to the airport early in the morning (first flight)or picking them up late at night (last flight).

One fine early morning between 3-4am, about an hour before sunrise, me and my sister decided to leave early so we can still have coffee or breakfast in the airport before she leaves, and just in time for my 1.5-hour break from work.

I never had an unwanted passenger in white suddenly appear in the backseat.  


We were driving in the area after Talisay and before Silay City.  My sister asked why don’t you beep twice for safety? And I said, you mean at “3 sisters”?  I’ve never beeped ever since and we got to where we were going safe and sound.  And besides, I heard about it but I don’t know where it is.  She agreed that it was just an old belief and changed topic.  I kept driving until I suddenly noticed a backpack right in the middle of the street.  So I suddenly hit the brakes.  I had to avoid running over the backpack so as not to crush the stuff in it.



I thought, who could have dropped their luggage? Why did they not come back for it?  Then we suddenly got scared and I drove away as fast as I could.  We couldn’t stop talking about it. Me and my sister got so freaked out thinking it was some trick by carjackers so we’d stop and get off our car to check it out then they’d take everything we’ve got.  Just like what we see in the movies.  My sister was looking out if someone was following us and I also looked back through the mirror and the bag no longer there.  We finally reached Silay City and boy! were we so relieved.


I finally turned right then turned left to the sign that says “this way to the airport”.  To our surprise it led to a dead end.  I made a detour and went back out to the main road and made another turn to the other block.  It again led us to a dead end.  There’s nothing in that street just trees one old house at the left side, a huge wall, its a dead end, and across the street where the the old house was, were a bunch of people drinking under a huge tree.  Just the same as the first street we went to.  We went back to the main street again.  The next street we went to was exactly the same.  We saw an old house, a bunch of people drinking (i suppose, coz they got bottles on the table but I just cant see them moving, I don’t see any gestures either), a huge wall and a huge tree.  So again we went to the main street.  I was really furious!  I kept blaming my sister, “you’ve been coming back in forth for a million times and you still got us lost?!?!” Truth is I shouldn’t have blamed her for not finding our way to the airport coz I’ve been driving them to the airport too many times to get lost. Back at the main street where the old hospital is, we saw the sign again and my sister insisted that this time she’s sure that that’s the right way so I turned left. I knew it was the same sign we turned to at first.


haunted house

To our surprise it was the same street!  Same house same wall, same people.  I stopped in front of the house.  I was in disbelief and at that point, I didn’t know what to do.  The people who were  there were just sitting and staring at each other no movements and no expressions in their faces.  No hand gestures like when we’re talking to someone, or listening to someone.  We would normally knod or move our hands or our head.  But it was really strange for them to be sitting still, no movements at all and just staring at each other.  They had bottles of beer on the table but they’re not moving,  not even staring at us.  They could have noticed we’ve been there a few times and they could have noticed we’re lost.  I said, maybe we should ask them for directions.  My sister said, NOOO!!!! They look so creepy! I was about to open the door then I saw theyre already standing close to the car.  They were already near the car but we never saw them move, walk  or even  get up from their seats.  In one blink of an eye they’re all near our car staring at us with blank faces.  As scared as I was, I had to drive away as quick as I can.  My sister kept murmuring something and I kept yelling and blaming her for getting lost and we’re almost running out of gas.  On the main street, just by the old hospital, we saw an old man riding a bike and I stopped the car and ask “Manong, can you help us,we’re lost.  Can you tell us how to get to the airport?”.  He looked puzzled.  Maybe he was thinking, can you not read the sign??? He said, can you see that big sign “this way to the airport”? turn left then turn right.  But that’s where we were?!  Are you sure it’s the right way?  He said yes but if you want, you can go back the main highway and turn right on the other block then go straight that’s the other way to the airport.  I told my sister I’m not getting back to the creepy street again and she said, shut up I’m praying let’s just give it another shot it’s almost sunrise and I might be late for my flight.  If it’s still on the same street let’s just go back to the old hospital and ask the old man again.  So we did.  We turned left to where the sign was.


The road looked familiar as soon as we turned left.  We knew we were in the right direction and at the end of the road is  the highway going straight to the airport and we were shocked to see that the gas was still half filled when it was almost empty, and it’s more than enough to get me home.

Of course, no one believes our story and I’m not trying to convince people to do so.  I’ve shared this story to a few friends who live near that location.  I was trying to find an explanation but they just laughed about it and they said we could have just been lost or maybe we lack sleep.  They said there are no creepy stuff happening in their place or even heard of scary stories.  If there were creepy stuff in their place they should be the first ones to know.


It doesn’t really matter if anyone would believe it or not.  This is one thing that happened to me and my sister and it’s something we’ll never forget for the rest of our lives.


What could have happened?

Is there something in that place?  Was it the bag?  I don’t know.  I could not explain.  But one thing’s for sure, we’ll never book the first flight again.