Sometimes to we get so amazed to see an unusual ingredient in a beauty product. How would you feel if you are offered a dinner date and on top of it a worthy gift voucher from your best beauty brand? The phrase is “Icing on the cake”. Lately, something similar happened to me. Oh no no, not a dinner date neither the gift voucher, but oh boy, Alice just got in her wonderland! 😛 This is all about Kala Milk Soaps. Yes, dearies you heard it right, I got Kala Milk Lemon grass and Peppermint soap. It was this unfamiliar combination that prompted me to have this product under my shower and enjoy the difference. Extremely rejuvenating, hydrating and leaves your skin relaxed by removing unwanted dryness.

Kala milk soap

Kala Milk Soap Benefits:
Made from local Carabao‘s milk and the best ingredients. It has the highest content of good butterfat compared to other milk products and gently cleanses the skin leaving you revitalized.

Lemongrass – Astringent properties help treat acne and other skin inflammations, while the scent stimulates and refreshes.
Peppermint – Cooling and deodorizing, as well as antibacterial. Its invigorating scent helps promote memory and relieve mental fatigue.

The Pros:
1. Regular usage helps removing dryness.
2. Fresh, fresh, fresh – guaranteed!
3. Fragrance sets the right mood for aroma therapy.
4. Exceptionally suitable for bringing cooling factor and relaxation (post-workout bath experience).

The Cons:
I can’t think of any.

Kala milk soap

It costs Php150.00 for a 115g bar soap.

Affirmative!! Just cannot get over the fresh scent.

Would I Recommend?
Without fail! If you want to get the feel of aroma therapy, then bring it on!

Overall Rating:

Where & How to get it?


TJ and Nerlie Gonzales
+63 922 823 0439


Facebook: Kala Milk Philippines
Instagram: Kalamilkph