NU Skin Moisture Mist  and NU Skin Exfoliant Scrub

The perfect summer duo!

I received a pack  of skin care products from NU Skin. The loot includes NU Skin Moisture Mist  and NU Skin Exfoliant Scrub. I’m so giddy to try them all but my eyes were glued on NU Skin Exfoliant scrub.  I was travelling these past few days, ( and that’s the reason why I haven’t posted for a while) and I’ve been trekking in an island.  The sun, the wind and the sand had damaged my skin.  I’ve been walking around in the polluted city.  Pollutants and dust have made my skin worst!

I’ve been using the product for two weeks now, every other day. Yes, I’ve seen positive results.   It made my skin smooth, reduced dead skin and black heads.

NU Skin Exfoliant scrub will help exfoliate the skin in additional to providing to improve circulation which can help remove dirt, black heads and white heads.

instructions for use: Avoid over-exfoliating just by scrubbing a few times a week. If you have sensitive skin, consider a lighter touch. Use twice a week.

These products are so perfect for summer!  Planning for a beach vacation?  Put NU Skin Moisture Mist  & NU Skin Exfoliant Scrub on top of your list!  You’ll need the facial scrub for cleansing.  For removing dusts and dirt that may cause break outs when travelling and  moisture to keep your skin moisturized under the heat of the sun!

NU Skin Exfoliant Scrub

What I like:
A little goes a long way. I’ve been using it for two weeks already and the product is still half full. This goes for the both products.
The scrub beads are fine so it’s gentle on the skin.
My skin felt soft and smooth to touch after taking a bath.
EXFOLIATES VERY WELL! After using this product, I feel my soft and smooth skin.
It’s not thick and non-greasy and goes off easily.
Hypo-allergenic and dermatologically tested.
No irritation, breakouts or whatsoever.

What I don’t like:
Can’t think of any.

Will I repurchase? Yes!

I give this a 4.5/5 rating. I have high hopes with the product because of the anti-oxidant effects on my skin. Yes, it does the job in exfoliating and in making the skin glow and it’s easy to rinse off once applied on the skin.

Have you tried NU Skin Moisture Mist  and NU Skin Exfoliant Scrub before? Kindly share your experience about the product in the comment section below. Thank you so much!

Where to buy:

NU Skin Philippines

Ms. Ren dela Cruz

Phone: 626 1927

Mobile:  09272130460