10 Outfit Hacks to Every Girl Should Know

Are you having difficulties in preparing your daily outfit? It has always been a challenge for every woman to look good everyday. Here are 10 quick and easy outfit hacks to make your life easier.

 Strapless bra keeps slipping?  All you need is an extra bra strap.  Wrap the extra strap around the bottom edge of your […]

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Weekend to Work

Today I’m wearing this button down dress from RBS Boutique. I have tons of sheath dresses, and if you work in a corporate environment, there’s a good chance that you do too. But despite the number hanging in my closet, I seldom think about different ways to style them, and therefore don’t get much mileage […]

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SammyDress Mobile App

Are you looking for the latest collection of beautiful clothing line for yourself or for your store? If yes, then do browse through the stylish collection available at It is the best place to go Online Shopping for Wholesale Women’s Dresses. SammyDress offers a collection of Wholesale Women’s Dresses to retailers, group store buyers, bulk buyers, and […]

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Aussie Fashion for Less in Bacolod City

Hey Fashionistas!

I’m excited to invite you to a new boutique in Bacolod City where you can get Up to 90% off less from the original Australian store price.

RBS Boutique is a new retailer of Special Occasion Dresses, Casual Dresses, Men’s clothing, and many more great items. They provide a wide range of high quality, trendy […]

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White Summer Dress

White Summer Dress
Summer really isn’t summer without that perfect, semi-sheer and lightweight white summer dress, wouldn’t you agree? Delicate and utterly feminine.

Sunglasses – Zalora
Denim Vest – Sun-kissed
White Embroidered Summer dress – Sun-kissed
Messenger bag – Diesel
Wedge – Dorothy Perkins
Wrap leather bracelet – Axessorize

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B & W

Yes they are here, yes they have taken over the world, yes they are the cutest thing ever, yes they are the skater skirts! A million ways to style these, sweaters, crop tops, heels, oversized tops, vans. However, the best part is how these can look both casual and formal, depending on how you wear […]

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3 Ways to Style a Black Maxi Skirt

A friend of mine recently asked me how to style a black maxi skirt.  She had just purchased one from  Zalora, and that one has a good quality. They are cut well and made of the softest of cotton blends. Sometimes I find it hard to splurge on simple basics, (but I can get one for 400 at Local […]

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Classic Weekend Outfit

Hi everyone!  I’d like to show you my uniform.  I love fancy clothes, accessories shoes and all but 80% of the time I’m wearing my uniform outfit.  White top, denim shorts and Fitflops  This outfit is so me.  In times when you feel stressed thinking of what to wear.  Grab a white shirt.  You can […]

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I know it’s a bad idea to take photos late in the afternoon or with a bad lighting.   But, have you ever had those days when you feel like you’re wearing the best clothes?  There’s nothing fancy about this outfit aside from being so comfy but these are my favorite.  I’m a fan of […]

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It’s Monday! Rise up and attack the day with enthusiasm!

Monday – a day that has a bad reputation. Don’t cave to peer pressure! While everyone is moaning and groaning…. make your Monday a fantastic one. Starting out on a positive note means that Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday have no choice but to follow suit. So….HAPPY MONDAY!

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