Thank God its Saturday!  And its my cheatday!  (like I’m really on a diet)  There’s nothing better than spending a Saturday afternoon chillin’ with coffee and some dessert.  Today, I’m hanging out at Ann Co. Cakes at Silay City.  A mini road trip with a few friends.  I wish I can go farther but with a tight schedule this is the farthest I can go.  I’ve promised myself that before the year ends I’m gonna have a real vacation.  But this is it for now.

So, I had a cafe latte with Toblerone cheescake and chorizo sandwich.  Cake and coffee had always been a good combination but not this time.  Toblerone cheesecake was really good but I can no longer enjoy the taste of my coffee.

Chorizo Sandwich

Cafe Latte

Very sinful isn’t it? Wait till you see the main course….

We headed back to Bacolod city for dinner. We went to Fatboy’s. Whenever I we dine at Fatboy’s, I can’t help but take pictures of the clay art. They’re too cute! I’d love to have them at home but I know my mom would definitely disagree. Well, maybe if I can follow the exact design maybe she’d have a second thought.

Fatboy's clay art

The food was so good! 10/10!


We had backribs, a pitcher of iced tea and rice and spare ribs.


So this is their Backribs. 1 pitcher of iced tea and 2 cups of rice included for only 450 pesos!


And spareribs…


My restdays won’t be complete without a relaxing massage at Spa Natura. And this is how my restdays are normally spent. I admit I feel guilty. I feel like one week of workout was put to waste and tons of calories put to my waist!  lol Oh well, I’ll wake up early to jog tomorrow hoping to burn it off. Good night and wish me luck!