#JONEloves: Kala Milk Soap Special Holiday Blends

I got an early Christmas present from Kala Milk Soap: Kala Milk Soap Special Holiday Blends and I couldn’t wait til Christmas to try them! Its the most authentic chocolate soap I’ve ever smelled.   The scent is oh so yummy! It comes in Dark Chocolate, Milk Chocolate and Mint Chocolate.  Its too bad you can’t eat […]

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5 Pimple Hacks You Need To Try

Don’t worry when the road gets bumpy.

Rule number 1: Never pop up your pimples!

Put on the following directly on your zits:

1. Ice cubes – Apply for a few minutes
2. Put a few dabs of Listerine
3. Make a face mask out of egg whites. Leave on for 15 minutes while the oil is soaked up.
4. Put […]

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#JONEloves: Nutraluxe Lash MD

 I’m absolutely obsessed with mascara! It was the first beauty product I ever bought, and I now own over a dozen tubes that I use in frequent rotation. However, I’ve been cursed with a particularly short set of lashes—the kind that are virtually invisible without mascara and that don’t look much lusher with the product on.

As […]

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#JONEloves: NU Skin Moisture Mist and NU Skin Exfoliant Scrub

NU Skin Moisture Mist  and NU Skin Exfoliant Scrub
The perfect summer duo!
I received a pack  of skin care products from NU Skin. The loot includes NU Skin Moisture Mist  and NU Skin Exfoliant Scrub. I’m so giddy to try them all but my eyes were glued on NU Skin Exfoliant scrub.  I was travelling these past […]

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#JONEloves: Kala Milk Soap

Sometimes to we get so amazed to see an unusual ingredient in a beauty product. How would you feel if you are offered a dinner date and on top of it a worthy gift voucher from your best beauty brand? The phrase is “Icing on the cake”. Lately, something similar happened to me. Oh no no, […]

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5 Amazing Beauty Benefits of Honey

Honey… a healthier sweetener.


Always use pure raw honey preferably Fresh Start Organic Raw Honey.  You can buy Fresh Start Organic Raw Honey at:

Fresh Start Office
No. 3-A, SJ Building,
Sta. Clara Drive, Brgy. Mandalagan
Bacolod City
6100 Negros Occidental

Fresh Start Organic and Natural Store
Robinsons Place
Central Citywalk
Mandalagan, Bacolod City

Mobile: +63344582835



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#JONEloves: Snow Caps Glutathione Capsule

L-Glutathione nutrionally supports immune function and is an effective anti-cancer supplement. It is also a highly potent free radical scavenger and enhances actions of Vitamin C. L- Glutathione also supports liver health. Continuous usage may make your skin smooth and fairer.
I have been taking Snow Caps Glutathione Capsule once a day for two weeks now […]

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#JONEloves: Snow Skin Whitening Soap

Snow Skin Whitening Soa

I have never been the type of person who worries about skin color. Let’s just say that I was born with a fair skin. Just in the middle of being tan and white.  I think in most Western countries, tan is something that they actually want. But here in the Philippines, people long […]

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#JONEloves: NU SKIN Face Lift Package

NU Skin Face Lift Package
Isn’t it exciting to experiment sometimes to ask people who don’t know you well—friends of friends, wine-store clerks—to guess your age? Wouldn’t it be awesome to get answers varying from 19 to 22, pegging you for somewhere between recent high-school graduate and unemployed college intern?  When in fact you’re on your late 20’s […]

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#JONEloves: NU Skin Tru Face Essence Ultra

NU Skin Tru Face Essence Ultra
I’d like to share one of the lovely products that I received and did amazing miracles on my skin.  For most products, it usually takes a few jars, containers to see the results.  This one is different.  After using NU Skin Ageloc Tru Face Essence Ultra, my face felt and […]