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Hi! I'm Jonelee. I chose to write about the things I liked, the things I'd purchased & other opinions on products in general. Thank You to everyone who takes the time out to read and show such an interest in the things I have to say and I hope I've managed to help at least a handful of you in any area that you may have needed it. Hope you'd stay a while :)

#Joneloves: GirlStuff Forever Nail Polish

GirlStuff Forever Nail Polish Review
Hey, everyone! As women, part of our regular beauty routine is to get a manicure and pedicure. I get a manicure/pedicure every two weeks and because of that, I’m always looking for new nail polishes to try out. So, naturally, when I was contacted by GIRLSTUFF FOREVER Nail Polish regarding their […]

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Classic Weekend Outfit

Hi everyone!  I’d like to show you my uniform.  I love fancy clothes, accessories shoes and all but 80% of the time I’m wearing my uniform outfit.  White top, denim shorts and Fitflops  This outfit is so me.  In times when you feel stressed thinking of what to wear.  Grab a white shirt.  You can […]

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#Joneloves: Burt’s bees lip balm on SALE!!!

It’s been a week since my last post.  Now, I’m trying to catch up and I’m so excited to share what I found!  Check this out:  Burt’s Bees lip balm on SALE not just discounted but Buy 1 Get 1 for free!!!  Every purse I have has Burt’s bees in it but what the heck […]

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#JONEloves: NU SKIN Gentle Cleanse and Tone

What’s in the box?

The Science of AGELOC
Work was tough in the past few days.  So thank God for Saturdays!  It’s time for me catch up on the blogging and the skincare – especially since I’m so not venturing out of the house with this unpredictable weather.  I’m so skeptical when it comes to facial wash […]

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I know it’s a bad idea to take photos late in the afternoon or with a bad lighting.   But, have you ever had those days when you feel like you’re wearing the best clothes?  There’s nothing fancy about this outfit aside from being so comfy but these are my favorite.  I’m a fan of […]

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It’s Monday! Rise up and attack the day with enthusiasm!

Monday – a day that has a bad reputation. Don’t cave to peer pressure! While everyone is moaning and groaning…. make your Monday a fantastic one. Starting out on a positive note means that Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday have no choice but to follow suit. So….HAPPY MONDAY!

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Get rid of acne naturally!

I can’t face my problem cause my problem is my face!
I can definitely relate to that old and corny joke.  I had a skin next to worst back then.  I had too many breakouts.  What makes it worst is I can’t use concealers to cover it.  I couldn’t find a concealer or face powder that […]

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Lazy Sunday

Do you ever feel lazy of deciding what to wear?  Are wanting to feel comfortable and not look trashy at the same time?  That’s how I feel today.  I don’t want to think of anything stressful.  Deciding what to wear gives me stress.  A fun kind of stress.  Today I’ve thrown in my most comfy […]

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Cheat day

Thank God its Saturday!  And its my cheatday!  (like I’m really on a diet)  There’s nothing better than spending a Saturday afternoon chillin’ with coffee and some dessert.  Today, I’m hanging out at Ann Co. Cakes at Silay City.  A mini road trip with a few friends.  I wish I can go farther but with […]

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Black & White vs. Technicolor

This Sheinside shorts and top set looks good in just about anything. I love to wear it with my blue pumps from Payless, Vintage sunglasses from Bausch and Lomb, and a vintage white bag.

Just by changing the accessories, this Sheinside shorts and top transforms into a totally different look!

In this outfit:
Aviator sunglasses – Rayban

Bracelet watch […]

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