Don’t worry when the road gets bumpy.

Rule number 1: Never pop up your pimples!

Put on the following directly on your zits:

1. Ice cubes – Apply for a few minutes
2. Put a few dabs of Listerine
3. Make a face mask out of egg whites. Leave on for 15 minutes while the oil is soaked up.
4. Put a few dabs of visine to help reduce redness.
5. Mix Aspirin & Water until it forms a paste and leave the mask on for 10 minutes.

All these solutions work but may take time.  If you need to get rid of acne overnight, you should try AcneCare soap, Capsules and Pimple drying lotion.

AcneCare Soap

Frequent washing with AcneCare soap will help get rid of oil and dirt that causes breakouts.

For a soft and supple skin, take 2 capsules daily (after breakfast & dinner).

To get rid of pimples overnight dab a small amount of acne drying lotion.

It just works like magic!

AcneCare Acne Drying Lotion

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