It’s a sad moment when you finally accept the fact that you’re getting older.  The party person you used to be no longer serves a purpose in your live.  Gone are the days when you look forward to hanging out with your friends not just on friday nights but the whole weekend.

Those nights have long been replaced with your couch, a bottle of wine and your favorite tv shows.

Life is still fun but it seems to be a different type of fun.


You know you’re getting older when your life may look a little something like this:

1. Your idea of a weekend getaway is a trip home to your family’s house

2. You get excited when people cancel plans on you

3. You voluntarily stay in on Friday nights in order to be productive the next day

4. Actually, that’s just what you tell everyone else, you’re really just trying to save money

5. You realize how financially smart it is to cook each and every single one of your meals

6. You dread celebrating people’s birthdays — especially your own

7. You would never, ever think of attending an 18+ event


8. You’ve finally started saying “no” to plans you really don’t want to go to without feeling bad for it

9. You stopped asking your just-as-clueless friends for advice and you turn to your parents instead

10. You’ve stopped making excuses not to go out, you just, well, don’t



11. You voluntarily read or watch the news

12. You have a difficult time when plans make you break your routine

13. You really do love your routine

14. You actually realize you want to make your bed before leaving the apartment in the morning

15. You create a budget and actually stick to it

16. Well at least you try really, really hard


17. You’ve stopped trying to “keep up” with people

18. You don’t believe in trends

19. You only Instagram one meal every few months


20. You read posts like this to reinforce the fact you are not alone in your quest into adulthood